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No I haven't vanished off the face of the earth, I just went into hiding :)
This school year so far has been a little bit stressful and to be honest not particularly interesting.
Its funny how memories of India this summer are starting to fade feel more like a dream than anything else.
Hmm, rather than talk about my boring life and the torturous task that is UCAS, which is now over btw
I think I will focus a little more on my community, which I have been meaning to start like forever!


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Today was awful! I am ill and had to walk all the way to school to get my folder. I was so scared that the teachers would throw me out of school since its the middle of the holidays. And when i got there, of course my folder wasnt there. When i got home i was depressed and then found it lying in the corner. Why do these things always happen to me??!!
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Hey everyone!
So today was my second day of work experiance. Working with disabled children is certainly an eye opener and i am glad that i chose to go there. It makes me so much more appreciative and grateful for what i have.
Although today one of the kids had a temper tantrum today and smeared my face with mud.

On a happier note this weekend i bought som lovely HELLO KITTY shoes! On sale so they were super cheap super pretty and i was extremely happy! Its the only shopping trip recently where i have come away with anything at all.
If i have time i will add a photo here XD
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So, None of my friends wanted to join LJ so i guess, this journal is now going to be completely dedicated to my inner ramblings and my lovely fandoms. As if it wasnt already lol.
But Its not that I am forsaking this for Facebook its just that i was beginning to feel isolated and felt that it was the only way to keep in touch with people. But no amount of isolation will force me into MySpace though. 
To show my renewed love of LJ I think i will try and post more often now, seeing as no one reads these posts anyway, i dont feel so pressured to write coherently or creatively.
So on that note....I feel as though i am sitting in the calm before the storm, exam revision here I come!


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